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Policies and Regulations Effective 1/1/2014:

At the time of booking your apt. a deposit of half the cost of the photo shoot purchased is required. You will have up to one week to get your deposit in to me. If I do not receive your deposit within one week, that date cannot be held and will be given to another client. If you cancel that apt. your deposit is non-refundable. If you keep your apt. that deposit goes towards the cost of your session and the other half will be collected on the day of your session. The other half is due at time of scheduled session. I will not accept late payments, post dated checks, or IOU's. 

If for some reason Cheryl Burns Photography has to cancel your session you will have the choice to either, re-schedule that session and receive 10% off, or you can collect your deposit and choose not to re-schedule. Whether it was the client who cancelled the session or the photographer, please allow up to 2 weeks for the refund to be issued.

As of 10/2014 Cheryl Burns Photography will no longer accept credit or debit card payment. All payments must be paid through check, cash, or money order. If there are not enough funds to cover check written, Cheryl Burns will no longer be obligated to work with you and you will be required to cover costs of shoot and NSF fee. You will not receive your images until all funds are paid.

If you, the client, have had to cancel or reschedule your session more than once, it is at the discretion of the photographer whether or not to choose to still work with you.  

It is the clients responsibility to contact me at least 2 days before the scheduled shoot to go over final details and confirm your session, time, and location.

Travel: Because of having more than one photo shoot in a day, Cheryl Burns Photography requires that the location of your choice is no more than 20 miles from Cambridge City, IN. Other arrangements can be made for a further location with Cheryl Burns if there is plenty of notice so she can schedule her other shoots accordingly, and gas compensation will be required for further travel over 20 miles from Cambridge City.

Due to an increase in photo shoots, studio cost (lights, heat/air, ink, paper, discs), website fee's, editing software fee's, props, and personal time of the photographer, photo shoot costs will be going up a little. This is so I can maintain my cost of living and still be able to get you affordable photos.

Discs will now only include a set number of images. You will have the option to purchase more photos if you like, but discs will only contain 20-30 images of your choice. (Senior Sessions will include more.) You will have the option to view all photos on my website and choose the photos you would like. An additional 5 photos will cost $10. This is simply because I don’t have the time to edit so many photos anymore so I will be focusing on the photos that I consider to be the best in quality.

If you would like any additional discs and print releases for any other family members each disc will be an additional $10.

All photos on my website from this point on will contain my watermark and logo. This is for my protection as a photographer so I don’t face copyright infringement from others that might want to use my photo in a way that it was not intended, or for them to claim it is theirs. Any photos you receive on your disc will not contain my watermark and logo.

You can see my new price list at www.cherylburnsphotography.com/pricing

Newborn sessions: To get good quality photos of your new little one, it is necessary that we try to get their session scheduled as soon as possible after delivery. This is because the newer they are, the easier they cooperate. I ask that their newborn session be schedule no more than two weeks after delivery. It is also a good idea to make sure we schedule around their new little schedule so a time when they have been fed and are ready for a period of napping.

Baby sessions apart from newborn start at 3 mo.

For Senior sessions, no more than 30 minutes is allotted for each location. If you want to change hair and make-up in between locations, it is your responsibility to find a location to do so. So for up to 3 locations you will be allotted 20 minutes in between locations for hair and make- up changes if you so choose. Total time for 3 locations will be no more than 3 hours.

For 2 locations no more than 2 hours is allotted. Any additional 30 minutes over will be $20. This also includes travel time so you have to take that into account as well.

For regular sessions you will be allotted 45 min. 20 min will be allotted for any hair/make-up/wardrobe changes. You need to also take into account travel time for more than one location.

It is always the client’s responsibility to pick up their disc and print release. If for some reason you don’t think you will be able to pick it up you will have the option to leave the postage amount with me so I can mail it to you. If you choose to have it mailed to you, it is at the time and discretion of the photographer. Please allow up to a month to receive that disc. 

Weather: Cheryl Burns Photography is not required to participate in a photo shoot if it is below 40 degrees, 90 degrees or more, raining/thunder/lighting, and or snowing, sleet, or ice. If for some reason the weather is any of these conditions, the photo shoot will have to be re-scheduled. 

Cheryl Burns Photography can not be held responsible for any possible un-cooperation of a client during a photo session. There in never a guarentee that everyone will pose/smile accordingly during a photo shoot. Cheryl Burns will choose the photos that are most suitable and have the most number of people cooperating.

Cheryl Burns can not be held responsible for bad lighting at an indoor location that might make it hard to see through the lens. If the lighting in a place is too dark it is hard to be able to see if the lens is in focus. If you choose a location with dark lighting, please be aware that not all of your shots may turn out in focus. Cheryl Burns is not responsible for any "loss of images" due to bad lighting.

Policies and Regulations can be subject to change at any time. 

I thank each and every one of you for allowing me to take part in the special moments of your lives! I look forward to serving you in your photography needs!